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Torben Körschkes is an artist and experimental spatial designer. In essays, montages, installations, and fictions, he seeks to challenge the relationship between concepts of space, community, and complexity. He is part of the design and research collective HEFT, which deals with questions of socio-political spaces, as well as studio lose, a collaborative design studio with Ina Römling and Frieder Bohaumilitzky. He studied design at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and HFBK Hamburg, where he completed his MFA on contemporary salons in 2018.

Recent activities include: teaching assignment for exhibition design at KISD / TH Köln (2024), teaching assignment for speculative writing at HAW Hamburg (2023/24); a residency at INSTITUTO (Porto) funded by the European Union, the Goethe Institut and the City of Hamburg (2023); Hamburger Zukunftsstipendium (2021); Elbkulturfonds (2020); and a residency at Bibliothek Andreas Züst (2019). He is a co-editor of the publication Specology – Zu einer ästhetischen Forschung (adocs, 2023).