Torben Körschkes

Torben Körschkes

research, art and spatial design

part of HEFT and studio lose

info at torbenkoerschkes dot de

CV upon request



Haarmann / Lagaay / Bieling / Körschkes / Ivanova / Bohaumilitzky / Scholz: Specology. Zu einer ästhetischen Forschung. Hamburg: adocs


Bieling / Bohaumilitzky / Haarmann / Körschkes: Design of Unrest. In: Attending [to] Futures. Matters of Politics in Design Education, Research, Practice. Eds. Johanna Mehl, Carolin Höfler. Hamburg: adocs


Lecturer at HAW Hamburg, currently: Spekulatives Schreiben – Theorie, Poetik, Raum

PhDArts candidate at University Leiden Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) and Royal Academy of Art The Hague (KABK). Working title: Spatial Imaginations and the Chaos World.

Selected Projects:

Hydraritual, installation and performative reading, Porto and Hamburg

Residency at INSTITUTO, Porto. Funded by the European Union / Goethe Institute and the City of Hamburg

Essay: Flickering Landscapes. On Community, Myth, and Territory, published in: Neo-Metabolism: Utopian Thinking in the Dark Times. Season 2 – A/W 2022

SpecLog, digital research blog

Performative reading: Brief aus… at DIES ist ein Stand in Authren, M1, Hamburg

Errantry, three Drawings, published in PAGE Magazine 10.2022

Presentation at the Conference Disruptive Imaginations, TU Dresden

Presentation: Letter from…, reading at Spring Seminar 2023: Montage, School of Arts  Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto

Presentation: Flickering Landscapes. A Poetic Approach to the Relationship of Complexity and Community Through Objects and Stories, lecture and reading at NERD Take Five conference, UdK Berlin

2019–2023, research assistant, Speculative Space, Center for Design Research, HAW Hamburg

Design of Unrest, film originally produced for the conference Attending [to] Futures at Köln International School of Design. 2021

Interview at Çira Report on Architecture, the City and Parliaments

Designing Unrest, published in: Interactions Vol. 29/2 03.–04.22

Teaching: Navigieren in der Chaos-Welt (WS 2021/22), HAW Hamburg

Teaching: Potentials of Speculation I–III, digital lecture serious organised at HAW Hamburg

Impossible Library, redesign and editorial

Der Kampf gegen das Chaos geht nicht ohne Affinität zum Gegner von statten, in:

DESIGNABILITIES Design Research Journal (09), 2020

Teaching: Sprechen über Design (SoSe 2020) at Department Design, HAW Hamburg

Mikropol am Mühlenweg, Hamburg

Lecture: HDK Göteborg / Critical & Ed. Practices dept. arranged by Markus Miessen

copytopia, workshop at GLOBART Academy 2019, Vienna

Design Utopia, Workshop at Die Neue Sammlung, München

Teaching: Atrium Behaviorology w/ Momoyo Kaijima, HCU Hamburg

Konversationskunst with Antje Eske & Kurd Alsleben, UdK Berlin

Residency Bibliothek Andreas Züst

Auf dem Zuweg vor der Sieben, in: Protocol Magazin Nr. 10, Berlin

HEFT Archive at Art Book and Zine Fest Aarhus

DGTF Conference: Neighborhood Parliament  – A Collective Scenario Making

Ein Europa der Regionen, open research space / workshop, Dortmund

Konversationsräume, in: Materialverlag, Hamburg 2018

Residency at PACT Zollverein, Essen

Lecture: dialogische Strukturen, Folkwang UdK, Essen

How to Live Together, Kunsthalle Wien (→ Studio Miessen)

ReVision, Museum für Kunst & Gewerbe Hamburg (→ Studio Miessen)

Klassenraum Lemgo, redesign of a classroom with Z–Werkstatt / Die ZEIT

Der Himmel von Bern (HEFT + BURGHARD)